Friday, May 3, 2013

Pastor Amy's Basic Schedule

Sunday: Services at Laurel and Ellsworth, visiting in afternoon, video sum-up of services with Farhad

Monday: Day Off

Tuesday: 7 pm Prayer Breakfast
9:30 Prayer Breakfast
11:30 Bible Study with Ministers
 3 pm Tea at Three
Hager City Office Hours (call 715-273-4904 for more information)
Service at Comforts of Home at 2, first Tuesdays of the month, there will be no Tea at Three on those Tuesdays
Presbytery every other month
Ellsworth Area Ministerial Meeting (EAMA) every couple of months

Wednesday: Visiting, Community Meal (Second Tuesday) Study, twice a month session meetings, services at care centers, last Wednesday of the month or 4th Wednesday is Ellsworth's Bible Study, article writing, newsletter writing, etc.
Visiting in Hager City and Red Wing

Thursday: Visiting, Study, alignment class, Ballet Class in Stillwater from 4-5

Friday: Sermon writing in Rochester

Saturday: Sermon Writing, rehearsal Belle Ballet, Stillwater, Presbytery every other month